Audny Series 3 4 years Cask 1000 46%

audny3Nose: Menthol and Knott (a sort of sweet with mint and liquorice flavours). Vanilla and malt, and green wood. More (sharp) herbs with water, but water also brings out the (very) young character of the whisky.

Palate: Young malt spirit. Congeners and malt. Some menthol and something pussy willowish. A little more bitterness with water, vanilla bitterness and dry oak. With even more water I get black tea.

Comments: Too young. Since I actually kind of like newmake that doesn’t necessarily scare me off, but as “whisky” this is too unfinished even for me. But it’s fun to keep an eye on the progress of the Norwegian distilleries, and I’m kicking myself for failing to purchase a bottle of Audny Series 2.

I poured a dram of the Series 1 to compare them, and can report that it has developed somewhat in a half-full bottle. The nose is now more toffeeish, and has improved, I think, whereas the palate is sharper and immediately somewhat unpleasant.

Audny Series 1 Cask 39 46%

audnyNose: Vademecum. With a little water it softens into a more normal spicyness with a hint of menthol.

Palate: Vademecum on the palate as well, with underlying malt and some oaky bitterness.

Comments: Needs some time in the glass. First impression is much like with a lot of other non-Scottich whiskies, viz “it’s nice, but is it whisky?”, but with some water and air I’m beginning to think it’s pretty good. Not  “Norvege douze points” good, but a very respectable first attempt.