At drikkelig.no (drikkelig means drinkable in Norwegian) we will blog about things you can drink, with the main focus being malt whisky, cider and beer.

My name is Ragnhild, though a lot of English speakers will know me as Robin (try pronouncing Ragnhild in English and you will realise why I needed a nickname). I am supposedly an adult, now appraoching middle age. I have been a malt whisky enthusiast since before the Y2K-panic, ever since I was poured a Talisker 10 by someone who thought that when I said I didn’t like whisky it was just because I had tasted the wrong sort before (thank you, James). After I moved to Oslo in 2001 my mom tipped me off about NMWL based on a newspaper article, and I’ve been a relatively active member since spring 2002. Though I have finally manged to resign from the job of webmaster, it was a position I held for well over ten years, and I have also been one of the main contributors to our prize-winning Whiskywiki.

I have been blogging since 2002, first – and still – about books. There is also an odds and ends blog which is not updated very often nowadays (but you can probably learn a lot about me from the archives).

Arve – who is drikkelig.no’s main beer blogger – and I met through NMWL in Oslo and have been married since 2005. He has been tasked with writing his own introduction, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

Drikkelig.no is free of commercials, and we do not accept sponsored content. We are open to guest contributions, but they need to be non-commericial (and obviously relevant to our target readers).

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