Nordic Whisky News #6


Sweden: Box Distillery announced at Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival this week that they are extending their private cask repertoaire with Islay casks. They are not at liberty to disclose which distillery is the originator for the casks, but revealed that it is one of the ones on the south coast, so the candidates are Lagavulin, Laphroaig og Ardbeg. David Tjeder makes an educated guess at Laphroaig (in Swedish only). For those who want the full-on peat experience the cask can be filled with Box’ peated spirit, but I’m more curious to taste the results of one filled with the unpeated variety. The cask will doubtless provide plenty of smoky character, especially since we are talking rebuilt 40 litre casks, but how well will it blend with the somewhat fruity unsmoked Box spirit? Only time will tell.

Sweden – and the world: Motörhead has teamed up with Mackmyra to produce a band-branded whisky. It’s not Motörheads first forage into branded alchohol, the site details their earlier products as well.