Glenfarclas 30 years 43%

Nose: Fruity, red currant and melon, cinnamon, vanilla and oak, but the oak is quite muted. With water I find dark chocolate and cherries, but also fresh apples.

Palate: More oak on the palate. A bit of chewing on sauna planks. Also some apricot jam and orange marmelade. With water it develops a bit of oaky bitterness and singed caramel sauce.

Comments: Lovely nose, just a tad too woody on the palate to make the “very drinkable” segment. A nice dram, in any case.

Another sample I cannot remember the origin for, thanks to whoever it may concern.

Dailuaine 1973 30 years First Cask 46%

Distilled 14 Desember 1973, cask number 15933. First Cask is a series of bottling from Direct Wines Ltd.


Nose: Lemon and lemongrass, goosberries and oak. With water my mind turns to jasmin and incence, but there is still quite a bit of lemon.

Palate: Oak, heather and mildly rotting fruit. More bitter with water, but also more vanilla and fresher fruit.

Comments: This must be ex bourbon, and not a very active cask, either. Not bad, but not so good that I will mourn its passing, bottle kill will happen this evening, there are only about two drams left in the bottle.