Caperdonich 1972 34 years Duncan Taylor 55.6%

These notes should have been written a year ago. The bottle has been opened for longer than that, and the level has been below half for at least that, so take that into account when reading these tasting notes.


Caperdonich bottled by Duncan Taylor, distilled November 1972, bottled April 2007, bottle 141 of 198, cask number 7435, 55.6%.

Nose: Peach and honeydew melon, oregano. After a while some apple.

Palate: Apples and oranges, cinnamon, juniper (wood, not berries).

Comments: As expected, it’s past its best, and is a good example of the fact that saving that last dreg from that fantastic bottle is not really a good idea, unless you decant into a suitable sample bottle. This much air with this wee drop of whisky almost invariably goes wrong. Still, this is a cracking dram.

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