Blair Athol 1991 22 years Berry’s 46%

Bottled in 2014, cask reference 7279.


Nose: Quite a bit of citrus and orange peel, bitter vanilla. More towards baked apples with water and hints of liquorice.

Palate: Malt and liquorice (or “sisselrot”, common polypody, or rather the edible root of it which has a vegetal liquoricy taste).

Comments: Something of a surprise, not a typical Blair Athol at all, but very nice, even so.

Tasted at Trondheim Whiskyfestival 2016.

Cambus Single Grain 1991 Signatory Cask Strength 53.8%

Distilled July 1991, bottled October 2013. Tasted at Casc in Aberdeen.

Nose: Oaky banana, oak, green banana peel, vanilla and green wood.

Palate: New American oak, vanilla, hint of liquorice.

Comments: Confirms the “old grain is kinda nice” rule. Not terribly exciting, but very nice.