You were wondering if I wanted to… what?

Sometimes you receive an offer you can’t refuse. Before the summer holidays I was contacted by a lady who wanted to know if I would consider joining a sailing trip from Gothenburg to Kirkwall and back again organised by Highland Park. “Whisky and sailing? Yuck, no, I hate both!” I exclaimed. Well, actualy I said “I’d love to! I just have to check whether I can have those days off.” And thankefully I have a very understanding employer, so the days off were granted. Tomorrow morning I’m booked on a flight to Gothenburg where I’ll join Celeste of the Solent to participate in The Dark Expedition.

My bag is packed, the camera battery fully loaded and the memory cards are all empty.

I had hoped to fill the calendar with planned blog posts for the days I’m away, but I’ve simply not had the time. However, I will wax lyrical about the trip once I’m back, I’m sure. In the meantime I will attempt to post updates to Twitter and Instagram (though I suspect mobile reception in the middle of the North Sea is patchy at best).

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